loomr.io network

Exclusive community of alumnis and interests of loomr.io sprints

We already start thinking about disrupting our business proven approaches of industry sprints (to avoid the word hackathon) and build a community for keeping all the participants and interested people engaged 52 weeks a year in the digital space.

  • Exclusive access to a sector-specific, curated networking platform

  • Industry-specific, personalized news / personalized contact overview + training opportunities

  • Knowledge transfer / trend barometer for the health sector

  • Swarm intelligence: target group-oriented problem placement + feedback function + matchmaking

  • Refined hackathons (sprints): quick evaluation of solutions / products and business models

  • Exclusive access to relevant actors in the health sector

Loomr General

  • Topic-specific access to the general pool of ideas (e.g. forums)

  • Industry-specific news feed (e.g. Med-Tech/Pharma or Energy) as a meta-social network

  • Membership overview with networking and P2P chat function

Loomr Pro (company / person):

  • personalized news / personalized contact overview + training opportunities

  • Possibility of general problem definition and placement in the idea pool

  • Opportunity for marketing and HR placement


  • Direct "cross industry" access to users, suppliers and interdisciplinary implementers

  • One platform to avoid confusing flood of information from relevant social networks

  • Solving industrial challenges are in the focus

  • Combine today's demand with ideas that are way ahead of their time

  • Find ordered and secure data providers instead of thousands of data silos

  • New normal meets swarm innovation: Combine "Pandemic Resistant" home office trends and the questioning of travel costs for fix dated physical events by using the online loomr.io platform