The prototype network

Interdisciplinary solutions in the digital world is the future of smart swarm intelligence: A curated, digital platform for efficient, international industry knowledge transfer with agile evaluation of scalable ideas through a professional social network.

loomr sprints, like, or, include structuring of employee ideas and curated development of prototypes for new business ideas.

loomr network supports with industry relevant content, virtual PMO, strong processes and hard milestones in order to lead new ideas to solutions within budget.

The basis for a smart swarm intelligence for your employees.
Two-week sprints to turn assumptions into testable results. Ideas become digital prototypes:

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Developer sprints are already standard for you. Your employees are at home in digitization. Now you need the network to further develop your ideas and prototypes 24/7 with like-minded professionals.
Even beyond the boundaries of your industry:

learn more about loomr network says it all: just as the mechanical loom initiated the industrial revolution 200 years ago, is supposed to steer the digital revolution on track.

We are in the early stage of the fourth industrial revolution with a focus on efficiency gains through digital process optimization - digital transformation. The upheaval is radical, exchange and cooperation go beyond the individual specialist groups. It is not enough to digitally copy well-known processes. You have to discard, change or even delete them completely!

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